Inventory Addon help

Im using inventory addon for my server and I was wondering how can I add a limit to the inventory so there can be for example a max of only 15 items and I want to know if theres a way to add a hotkey so you can return a weapon you’re using back into the inventory.

if #ply.inv > 15 then
ply:ChatPrint(“Inv. full”)

If you tell us how you are making you’re inventory system it would be easier. Its not too complicated to limit that.

I’m using it for my rp server. I just wanted to make it simple. Limit inventory size and ability to return a weapon to the inventory after use. Which file would I add this code to?

Don’t worry about it, his codes too retarded and won’t work, unless you modify it.

The code I provided is merely an example of what he could do. I do not know the code to his inv. so I will not be able to make code that works, hence I said ‘If you tell us how you are making you’re inventory system it would be easier’.

Well this is the link to the inventory addon im using if this helps?

The file isnt found; I need the source code.

Just search for it… Its called inventory addon after all.

Yeah uh… I looked at ( ), it contains nonexistent concommands and broken code when I tried to test it. If you have working inv system please upload the one you want modified.

really? i didnt seem to have any problems with it. What’s not working on it?

Its worked for me fine , but is there anyway to just add entities to darkrp? i tried all of ways. please help on how to add my own items to darkrp. thats only thing i want from inventory. i like simple inv and this is a simple , so i like it. i know i posted at 1 year old topic , but its only new topic about inventory addon v2.1 . anyways thanks for answering.