Inventory emptying bug in last 2 releases

There is a fairly serious bug that has been present in the last two updates, (this monday’s and last friday’s), which involves resources in inventory slots disappearing. I’m experiencing this on mac OSX, but I tried it on my laptop, and I’m pretty sure it happens on the Windows version too.

Please note: It involves resource stacking in inventory slots, but I’m NOT talking about the x1000 stack limit, (that is intentional, not a bug).

I will try to explain it as clearly as possible:

IF you have multiple slots with the same resources in them, (ie. three or more slots with x1000 wood)
AND you craft something that completely empties the first slot, (ie. a tool cupboard for x1000 wood)
THEN ALL of your slots with that resource empty, not just the first one, and you loose ALL your wood.

I have recreated this example many times, and verified that is definitely repeatable, and was not a “one off” glitch…

Сonfirm this bug!

Totally confirmed. Happened to me last night and happened to a friend as well as he was building a second tool cupboard. It cost me about 5k wood. It cost him about 15k.

This is a long lingering bug that really needs to be addressed.

Yes! Made a cupboard and lost 2600 wood!

First time it happened to me, I had collected over 8,000k to build my whole base, created one tool cupboard and lost the whole lot!