inventory for dark rp?

hi would it be possable to make an inventory for dark rp that saves the stuff you buy to the server i have seen this in cider/appeljack but can someone make the script?



the slight problem with that is you can Get applejack so there was no point of even saying it!

its called svn! it has the dark rp inventory sorta thing in, its the pocket you hold props and stuff in it thats my guide if you need it

He asked for a persistent inventory that saves between sessions and allows you to store multiple items, not a SWEP that holds items.
Also, stop linking to your damn guide.
The way Cider’s inventory works is a table with the item’s name as a key, and the amount as the value. Unfortunately, I don’t think DarkRP is coded to allow that sort of thing.

thanks alot i will ask the maker of dark rp so unless anyone knows how dont worry!

I am working on addons like inventory that saves stuff over sessions, i have made bank automats {coz you drop your cash when you die / disconnect} i am working on many more improvements - i use DarkRP code as base, though the gameplay will differ a bit- there will be more trade between players. Also changes to known jobs - gundealer needs selling license and he can upgrade it to levels pistols, shotguns, smgs, rifles and explosives - the higher the more expensive, also loosing it when die- and many more stuff that will make you evaluate your life more and prevent stupid DMing