how does it work, anybody know the syntax?


how about controlling where airdrops fall, i’ve got a huge stack of them all in the same place and a very amusing error message in the server console

inventory.give Itenname amount
It has to be executed from the client console, because it gives the player, who execute this command the stuff if he has admin rights. But I believe there is currently no way to give yourself admin rights on your server, so you can’t use this command atm (doesn’t find something like a rcon.login in the source code).

Airdrops: cargo_plane runs an airdrop (cargo_plane is optional, because its the default). Currently there is no was to specify the position of the airdrop. It will always land on 0 0 0. (modding it in should be quite trivial through)

just have to wait then. thx igni

I was hoping to be able to give ppl on my server human meat (or apples, or something) since on a sparsely populated server ppl will die of thirst fairly often

Anyway, time to snooze. Cheers

This been fixed?