Inventory Inside Hammer Help

Does anyone happen to know of any decent ways to get a hacked inventory system using all Hammer to allow something to appear on screen so you know it is in your inventory and you wouldn’t have more than like 1-3 items on screen at once, I just need some way I have tried quite a few ways and nothing that decent have worked to show it up on the screen.

Anyone have any ideas?

Wait, what do you mean by inventory. Inventory of what? Entities?

He means an actual inventory, like Resident Evil inventory I’m guessing, you pick up items in the world and they are stored in a screen.

Like this?

The guy that made that gave me the .vmf I could PM it to you if you want, though I couldn’t even reverse engineer it. I also have another hammer based inventory .vmf someone else sent me, it works by placing an invisible block in one of your inventory squares, making it a func_phybox, think of putting one thruster on each side and with a game_ui it will read wish direction key you have pressed and then it will just push the block into a trigger_multiple and teleport it to the next square, it’s very complicated and kind of a stupid way to do it, I also couldn’t reverse engineer it. I’d suggest just learning how to code.

I hope I explained that right. :tinfoil:

Yea if you could send those that would be great!

Fuck I wish I knew how to do this.

oh god i used to worship that baxayaun

Is there anymore details for doing this? I would really like to experiment with it.

Ooh, sorry I forgot to send it to you today. It’s late so I’ll just PM it to you tomorrow.

Mind sending me a copy as well? If it’s not too much trouble

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