Inventory Question

Hello there! Me, being the gLUA n00b I am, was wondering about inventories.

I’ve heard a lot about “database.lua” “mysqloo.lua” and “mysqlite.lua”. What is the difference between these?

Second off, I would like to fully understand how I could create an inventory system for my server, with it’s own database and “bank” to store your items in.

If someone could enlighten me on the subjects above I would be very grateful.

mysqloo is a module for gmod allowing sql connection to an actual server/website

sqlite is basically information stored on the server.

Alright, can anyone tell me how I could make an inventory system using sqlite?

ply:SetPData, ply:GetPData, util.JSONToTable

Could I get an example of that?

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Well thanks for your clarification of those things.