Inventory Resets?

I just started playing this game (clocked like 40 minutes into it), and every time I close the game and get on the next day, I have the default inventory items. Why does it reset every time I get on? I’m fairly sure I’m connecting to the same server.

Are you spawning in a different area also? It could be your being killed as you sleep, or the owner is updating his server.

Killed in your sleep? I’m unfamiliar with this, can you elaborate?

When you disconnect, is your character still in the server?

Yes, when you log out of your game your character goes into a deep sleep not even c4 will wake him. So say you are in the middle of a field and you lag out or have to log out your guy will drop right there where you lagged out. Any person still on the server can walk by your unconscious body an kill you for your goods. So its best to log off in a shelter or house with a metal door. That will protect you a little bit more, but you can never be 100% protected because c4 is easily acquired at the moment.