Inventory system and wolf statues breaking my game and PC

So I got a friend to log into experimental today and give it a try. We agreed to meet at one of the wolf statues and surprisingly found eachother very quickly. However, the instant I got anywhere near the wolf statues, or tried looting, my game would drop to about 5 frames per second, and everything I tried to do menu related had a LITERALLY 10-30 second delay. I press tab to open my inventory and the screen blurs right away, but the menu never comes. Push tab again, blur goes away. A while later the menu appears and gets stuck open on screen for a while, all the while Im walking around and using my mouse to look like normal. When I finally said ‘FUCK THIS’ and force quit the game, I noticed before I did that my CPU was at 100%. I don’t know whats causing these problems, because other times I can play fine the entire night, menu system and all. Today, however, the game was beyond unplayable. It crashed my freinds PC and mine would have like done so as well if I didnt force quit when I did. There’s either a serious problem with stuff related to wolf statues, or the HTML inventory system, which for me has never worked smoothly. I even gave RustClient.exe high priority and that didn’t help one bit.