Inventory System/Pocket

I have some entities that I want to be able to pocket in the inventory system I have, as well as the pocket, which I do not know how to do. I understand people might not have the inventory system script, so don’t answer that part if you don’t know how. Other than that, if you know how to add it so people in the server can pocket the entity, please do tell me where I can change it or add coding so it can be pocketed. Here is the inventory script: One last thing, I was also wondering where to place workshop files I converted through the GMAD Extractor in the server.

Here is the coding for example of one of the items I want people to pocket or put in their inventory.

local Recipe = {} = "Large Strength Potion"
Recipe.model = "models/alchemylab/glass10.mdl"
Recipe.effect = "effect_alchemy_whitepotion"
Recipe.ingredients = {"ingredient_slime", "ingredient_oldbattery", "ingredient_cactus", "ingredient_melonslice"}
Recipe.mods = 
	MaxHealth = {Min = 75, Max = 100}
AM.AddRecipe( Recipe )

I also found the pocket files and found this coding, I don’t know what exactly to change in it.

	name = "canPocket",
	description = "Whether a player can pocket a certain item.",
	parameters = {
			name = "ply",
			description = "The player.",
			type = "Player"
			name = "item",
			description = "The item to be pocketed.",
			type = "Entity"
	returns = {
			name = "answer",
			description = "Whether the entity can be pocketed.",
			type = "boolean"