Inventory System Questions

Alright, going to try and keep things short and sweet. I run a community which also happens to host a gmstranded server, (yes i know its pretty much a dead gamemode) and one feature we have as a must in the near future is that of an proper inventory system. I’m asking the gmod/lua coding community as a whole, what kinda nightmare am i looking at? Or is there some collection of guides that will give me an idea on what i’m facing?

Depends what you want, SQL or non-SQL,

Start with the GUI itself.

Get into tables to store everything

Get into Net-Messages

Get into SQL(Optional).

There are plenty of old inventory systems on, you can find one and edit it to your liking if you’re THAT lazy.

That’s not being lazy. If the script does what you want and only needs some little modifications, why reinvent the wheel?

I did find that one older looking ‘inventoryplugin’ on About to try and give it a go, and no i’m not trying to be some deadbeat leech, its just that my lua abilities atm are rather limited.