Inventory System to Clunky ATM

Right now the inventory drag and drop system is just too clunky and weird. Whenever I am looting someone, its always a pain for me to get the full stack of items. Also, that combined with the lag, makes it really annoying to loot someone. It feels like everything is delayed, like I would move something from my inventory to a storage box, and it will take a couple of seconds to register in the box. Sometimes the item itself disappears and I have to close and open back up my inventory for it to re-appear. I think Garry should make the item drag and drop like it was in Legacy, where you automatically drag the whole stack. I think this would reduce a bit of the lag while in the inventory.

Exactly what I said one day ago…

It’s been said here numerous times. I would have made a thread about it myself, but I saw some talk in the previous devblogs about switching to built in Unity UI instead of CoherentUI. Also, there was a poll thread about the UI which overwhelmingly said the same thing, that everyone hates it. I know they know it sucks. I think they are just not fucking with it because they know they are going to scrap it (at least I hope that’s the case). Whatever the case, I’d say it’s the next thing they should tackle, after squashing the server stability issues and netcode (which both seem a LOT better recently, I feel like I can PvP again). It’s nice seeing servers not wiped between updates too.

I know they want to make it look pretty, but I think most people would take a placeholder over what we have now. Functionality beats out skinning every time. (Personally I think Legacy was perfect functionally).

I know they want to keep the putting the mouse in the top corner to select all and somewhere else to select a different amount, but it is just so fucking unusable. Looting takes at least a third longer. It IS a cool idea being able to select how many, but using it feels like swimming in treacle. My solution would be this: Left clicking selects all, right clicking uses the sliding system. Then we would be able to do both, and fast. Current right click menus would be activated by a single click, using the slider by holding it down.

Or maybe left click takes all, UNLESS you have hovered over it and used the scroll wheel to change the amount. In fact I like that idea even better.

need a grab all button desperately…

They should at least do it like this: If you own a cabinet, which has a storage box in it’s range, you should be able to place into and take stuff from that box via a double click (or a grab-all/place-all button).

The UI is still annoying, but it has improved slightly, or I’ve just gotten better at it.

I completely disagree - whatever solution is found, it should be available at all times.

I think if they switch out the UI, the benefits would be great…for example, after I set a job to craft a load of gunpowder, I checked what the processor was straining under.

So CoherentUI is taking up 55.2% while rust itself is only taking up 30.3%. This isn’t just at the start when I hit craft. The entire time it is crafting it puts that load on the machine.

I know it looks pretty, but it handles like ass. CoherentUI should really go.

I just don’t see why they won’t allow us to move things in increments of 5 over 1. I try and get 50 out of a stack of 150 and it’s literally the toughest thing to do. So I just keep breaking down my stacks to work with smaller numbers to get that stack of 65 wood to cook some human meat. Yeah I’m pro cannibal in Rust, Deal with it! Anyway increments of 5 would be perfect in my opinion. Who ever needs 32 wood, or 11 bullets? Nobody, that’s who. All crafting recipes are in increments of 5 already so it only makes perfect sense to make them 5. You’ll never grab a stack and leave 2-3 behind or try to level off a quick amount of wood for a fireplace. I can deal with the lag and clunky inventory UI, but trying to grab full stacks or breaking things down pisses me off.

Here’s a tip, it’s 60 wood not 65.

I can imagine someone not being bothered about 32 wood, but if bullets were scarce and you wanted to divide them between other players, I can imagine 11 bullets being an option.

Seeing as I hated on the UI so much earlier, I will say one positive thing. The building wheel is good, it’s intuitive, fast and easy to use. It doesn’t seem to suffer from the lag of the rest of the UI.

I definitely agree with you, I really like the building wheel and it doesn’t seem to cause any lag. But I do hope they change the item drag and drop system.

I expect I’m in the minority here but I kinda like it.

That said, it is certainly clunky. Perhaps the sliding amount scale should be behind the ‘split’ option.

Left clic = move all stack
Lshift + left clic = move things as it is now

Glad I’m not the only one. It’s not the end of the world when you’re not busy. If you’re just in your stronghold crafting gunpowder for the next day, it’s workable. But when you’re looting a corpse and being paranoid about someone coming up behind you with a hatchet, it’s really frustrating and awkward.

Garry said he is going to change the inventory drag and drop system next week! Yay!