inventory UI sounds like/ or dis-like

Well I find these sounds really annoying I am always thinking I’ve dropped something or when you’re out gathering and you rearrange your inventory I keep looking around thinking there is someone behind me

I personally really don’t like the new sounds


Strongly dislike. They annoy me far more then they actually add anything to the game.

And the sounds for food… Oh my god, don’t even get me started. That is by far the most annoying sound I’ve ever heard, it sounds like someone’s slapping water.

yeah the current metalic sound is kinda weird, our sound captain from Facepunch should change it cuz its not a sound that belongs into UI. You could use that sound for ground dropped metal Items.

Honestly nothing with them imo. It takes like 5 minutes to get used to unless you’re one of those people who refuse to accept change.

I don’t even think about it anymore. The UX feels a lot nicer too thanks to audial feedback. More responsive or something.

Yes, I too keep shitting myself when farming, thinking that someone has just pulled out a weapon behind me, and it’s my inventory sounds.

Also, not sure if it’s related but suspect so, since they added inventory sounds, my inventory screen is really laggy, constantly dropping items I am trying to move, or freezing for a second when I right-click on items to move them. It sometimes takes me 2 or 3 attempt to move something, or moves the wrong item from the adjacent slot instead … feels way more laggy with the sounds added.

How though? There isn’t even a sound for when other people equip stuff at the moment. You’ve played for over 3000 hours and can’t tell the difference? Besides, you should be listening for footsteps and look around you so they can’t sneak up on you. :v:

The buggy stuff seems weird though. It’s not the first i’ve heard of it. It’s not because it’s too much for the game to be playing sounds though, i can guarantee that.

They added a lot of sounds to the UI and just because there is some critism that dont means we dont like it in general.

Im personally working with Audio myself, and i think that that metallic sound just dont belongs into the UI for swaping items,this is feedback not hate.

This so true i have had the same laggy feelings and drop things when taking out of inventry