Hey. I have an inventory I worked on, and I cant for the love of me make it so that the “Accept” buttin is only available when both sides have the “ready” checkbox ticked.
[lua]self.Accept:SetDisabled( true )
self.LeftReady:SetPos( 10, 270 )
self.LeftReady:SetText( “Ready?” )
self.LeftReady.OnChange = function( ready )

if self.LeftReady:GetChecked() and dont know what to put here then
self.Accept:SetDisabled( false )
self.Accept:SetDisabled( true )
[lua] trade:SetMoneyOffer(, )
trade:SetReady(, left.ready )

	trade:SetMoneyOffer(, )
	trade:SetReady(, right.ready )

When they press ready, network it to the other client. add a check to see if both people are ready.