Hello, today i found an real good Inventory system on a couple diffrent servers of DarkRP

My Question is:
Is this an Addon you can get somewhere? I really enjoy this one.
Would be nice if someone send me an Link to it when you know where i can get this one.

I believe it is an edited version of this. If not then it just looks incredibly like it.

The F4 Menu is an Scriptfodder addon, but it doesnt come with that inventory system what im searching, and i know that its not selfmade cause i saw it on a multiple servers…
Id say it would be more of an edited version of this

Yes this is the F4 Menu, but the Invetory seems like an addable System to any F4 Menu, cause its used in diffrent f4 menus and servers

Scrap that, found it for you!

The one I sent is the reskin obviously they modified it to fit there needs

It is still the F4 Menu, i am still searching for the Inventory System wich is used in the F4 Menu.

The inventory system someone made and put it in there its probably privately made/distributed.

SuperiorGamer beat me to it, damn… Anyway, coding an inventory tab shouldn’t be too difficult to be honest. There are several codes out there that you could use and make them fit the design.