I have the most updated SVN of Darkrp and I was wondering how I could code an inventory into my f4 menu. I want people to be able to buy items and keep them in here so when they rejoin they still have them.

You know you’re just asking someone to make it for you, you should probably put this in requests.

No, I do not want someone to make it for me, I would like to learn the ways of making a derma menu, then adding an inventory with it for my roleplay.

Read up on sqlite, player hooks and derma.

Okay I found a good website for derma but can someone get me links for SQlite and Player Hooks tuts? Also, how would I make this so I can see it? Like where do I put this. I really wanna do some tests without messing anything up


okay this is what I need help with as of now:

  1. How do I make my derma open? I have set it up so it should work, but I have no clue how to actually open the derma in game, what string would I need to make it work?