When a player dies, they are flipped into an ethereal world. Dying in this realm reverts you to a normal existence.
Players who are “dead” cannot interact with players who are alive, and vice versa. I should note here that I only added support for players. Looking again at the screenshot, I realize that NPCs and objects are out of the loop, though objects were intended to remain in both “worlds”.
This file is an optional sub script of a gamemode I’m currently working on, that I developed as a separate addon for efficiency’s sake.
The addon is off by default, and must be enabled by typing “ToggleInversion” from an admin console. It can be disabled with the same command.

Edit: Shit, where are my manners? This particular script was made possible thanks to the help of jA_cOp. The man is a blessing to the community, and you should all be thankful for him.

holy… shit…

I remember a mod similar of this for Jedi Academy. It was used to seperate FFA’ers from people who wanted to duel. I could understand its purpose in that game, but I really don’t see why you would want this in GMod.

Well, I didn’t really design it to have a specific purpose. What I imagined, however, is it having little to no use in games with very few people. In medium sized games, the idea is to attempt to toss one more little link into the giant chain of monotony that so many games and gamemodes become. However, its real purpose is realized in larger games, where it can be used to thin the clusterfuck and give players two somewhat separate arenas to combat in.

Hey, that’s a cool idea.

If someone joins with the name ‘Mingebag’ they should be sent to this land of ethereal world of gloom.

This is super cool but i cant see the point in it but it is really cool!


I would like to ask would it be possible to make it so that object and entities cannot be accessed in both worlds? And if so, would it take much to implement a change?

Edit - Also would it be possible to make it so things spawned in one realm would not be visible to the other people in the other realm?

I’d like a notifycation when this gamemode you are speaking of is released!

It should be possible for the admin to have a SWEP that makes him able to pass in and out of this world whenever he likes. :v:

in roleplay, he could be the PERFECT spy

Make this world evil if your reputation is bad en good if you have a good reputation. Like heaven and hell.

Just adding console command will be better.

Ha that was awesome :smiley:

People who started a duell where like ghosts, visible but you could see through them.

But I think you mean the parallel world where everybody could be. In that world there where the stuff from the addon active and in the other it was the pure game in its original state…

I think the purpose of this small addon here is to be awesome. As he said it’s for a game mode :slight_smile:

Well, the addon really has very little to do with the game mode itself. It was designed as an optional bonus that would affect the game little more than it would any sort of deathmatch. I haven’t got some elaborate design built around this, what you see here is fairly well are there is of it.
As far as a SWEP/concommand to enter this world, I could pull that together, but it was made with more deathmatch than RP in mind (thus assuming the Admins would likely partake in the game, and need their restrictions difficult to abuse).
The ghosts thing is kind of what I wanted to do initially. I had played around with some shaders before, and I may wind up transitioning it to that at some point later.
To anyone suggesting about RP (that reputation based idea for example) I’d like to remind you that the source is released with the download. If you’re thinking of taking it in a radically different approach, you’re more than welcome to monkey in my code. I assure you, it’s not that complex. Be sure to nod a little credit my way for the original script, and a nod to jA_cOp as well, and then go nuts with it. And don’t be afraid to post modified scripts in this thread, to give others (myself included) some idea of possible applications or modifications.
And as far as making objects different in both worlds…to have one world where objects distinctly exist, and another where they don’t, seems rather solvable by hosting two servers. I can understand what you were thinking, and there are some good applications, but I had intended for a more sort of temporary ethereal existance, rather than some sort of flipped inverted dimension.

WOW! Just wow!

I had no idea this was how it was turning out :keke:

If gmod was working properly for me, I know I would’ve messed around with this. I can see a lot of applications for it, and I can only hope for some interesting scripts based on this :slight_smile:

I’m not so sure if I were as helpful this time around, but keep bugging me and I’ll help as best as I can :v:

Cool! I’m making some changes before adding this into my own server but i have some suggestions for the public release.

You may want to change the negative brightness effect into bright and foggy world.

Well, I need to do a lot more research into effects. They’re one of several portions of LUA that I really have no understanding of. I just need to sit down and learn them properly, but it likely won’t be any time soon. So the fog is currently a bit beyond me. Though I do agree, simply dropping the brightness (and color multiplier) is a little drab.

This reminds me of the Gloom in Nightwatch. Personally, I think you should make an addon that adds the Gloom, which you could enter at any time you like. When in the Gloom, your Gloom meter would constantly go down, and if it reached the bottom you would fall through the world. When in the Gloom, NPCs and non-Gloom players wouldn’t be able to see you, and you wouldn’t be able to interact with them.

But that’s just my idea, and its sort of a butchering of the Nightwatch Gloom. Still, awesome work.

Well, I was working on a “manual entry” version when I came across several bugs. Normally I’d just fix them and re-upload, but I didn’t test this thing thuroughly, so as far as I know, it works…in singleplayer. I’ll go ahead and jot down a quick checklist, and if anyone wants to tell me if the stuff works in MP, that’d be great. And from there I can figure out what needs fixing, and then write up a manual entry version.



(should be Admin-Only)** Turns Inversion on or off (off by default).



(Should be Admin-Only)** (Currently not functioning) Change the time it takes a player to spawn. I didn’t finish this because GM tends to designate its own respawn time/method that’s best not to muck with. I will probably wind up removing this command.

Feature Dead players cannot see live players

Feature Live players cannot see dead players

To be added Dead players cannot see live NPCs

To be added Live players cannot see dead NPCs

Feature Live players cannot damage dead players

Feature Dead players cannot damage live players

Feature Screen gets a lack of color while “Inverted”.
I’m 99% certain this works.

And don’t be afraid to let me know of anything else that seems like a glitch in my code.

Completely broken on dedicated server multi-player, would you like me to elaborate on the error?