Investigating a Buried Past

[h2]Investigating a Buried Past[/h2]
Announcer:Warning, Enrichment Spheres are not a scenery, please direct your eyes to somewhere else.


Nothing like shutting off the light, the faint glow of your eye, and a folder of Butthurters work to end a day.

Dayam I love this image.

I like it but too dark.

Could be better if we could see the textures, but it’s fine by me.

I dunno why it would be too dark, id say its just thhe right lighting.

The image is much too dark. A simple lamp casting on the bot itself from behind could have made this image a whole lot better.

Those arties are well deserved, butty.

Nice and simplistic, but lacks atmosphere.

what’s that white thing at the top?

its a hole of the cave