Investigating Numerous Bio-Mechanical Corpses on a Freighter

How in blue fucking blazes has this not been posted? This pose has be in my possession for ages, not too long, but a long time, if anything it should have been one of the first in this series of screenshots posted. BLAGH. Anyhow, here’s the picture:

And while you are in the process of commenting, tell me: Should I go to bed when it is 2:24 AM now? or just pull an all nighter playing Mass Effect or posing something? But also comment, don’t just reply to the question…

If you even read this shit.

Saren’s not taking a dump on one… don’t even say it, and I know the bodies are floating too, they had some strange collision on the map, and no collide world never occurred to me for some reason. Must’ve been a late night pose, like most.

The fuck, warm milk mini-wheats.

I jizzed and you should go to bed Benny, get some sleep.

It’s awesome.

posing is great, editing is in your stlyle(It’s BLUE MOTHFUCKA!), go to bed.

Reds never turn out right. Blues, cyans and greys always look appealing to me. Which reminds me of a picture Enhanced_AI made me once…

Holy shit! Saren is a good guy ? Only those who played Mass Effect will understand what I mean.

Hmmmmm i think this calls for a song. How About Rob Zombie and Ramsteinn.

Nice posing

I haven’t played Mass Effect, but I’ve heard that he’s a baddie.


I am fanatical about Mass Effect and I don’t know what you mean. :confused: I have an idea though.

But thanks anyhow.


Great job, Mr. Wolfe.

I like it. The husk models are underused in my opinion.

Honestly, I don’t like them because of their ragdoll…

Yeah, the ragdoll is kinda shitty, but I love the glowing effects. God, it looks fucking creepy in a dark room…

Hmm, never really tried them in the dark.

Saren doesn’t work with humans. He wants to “revive” The Reapers and destroy The Citadel and Humanity with other races. If that would be the REAL Saren, the other two hummies would be on the ground and he would be checking out. That’s why.

See, that’s what creativity and the imagination are for.

It’s not Saren. :saddowns: