Invincible Vehicles

Hello! Whenever I use the DEFAULT vehicles, I am always invincible. Does anyone know how to make it so I can get hurt?

Also, to be more specific, I only mean chairs.


As far as I know, with the default chairs, that’s normal. There’s probably a workshop item somewhere that has chairs that leave you vulnerable.

Basically your player uses MOVETYPE_NOCLIP while in chairs / vehicles, this is likely why a trace won’t hit the player. With chairs it is more difficult that vehicles to detect players because a trace will go right through one portion ( being where the players torso and head will be ) while the other would impact the chair. I have an easy solution for vehicles ( Just see where players are by getting children, then you know the hitbox and where they’d be located, simply see if the bullet passes through then fire appropriate TakeDamage[Info]? function ), but for chairs I’m working on a few ideas.

Thank you, hopefully someone has something like this.