Invincible while seated?

Me and a few friends were attempting to make vehicles in which the driver can be killed, unfortunately the seats under the ‘vehicles’ tab render the occupier invincible to bullet and explosion damage. Is there any fix for this? Or any seats that can be downloaded in which the occupier is vulnerable to damage?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


try egi build to kill servers. they have some kind of mod that makes chair-sitters vulnerable. maybe if you ask them politely they will share their secret with you… i believe their website is if they dont share the mod then, tough luck.

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maybe egi would share their mod with you. their website is if you ask politely, they might share the details of their mod to you. more likely that they wont but its worth a try.

EDIT: I’ve been trying to do that thing described below forever! Just could never find the right tool cause the menu is really long. Yea. Scratch whatever I said; use that method!

use a wire pod controller and a damage dectector. Link them both to the seat, and link the damage values. There you go!

turn god mode off

Have you ever used the preloaded chair vehicles?

I’m pretty sure the Jeep and Jalopy allow for damage to pass to the player. The spawnable seats don’t though. Not sure why.

You can kill the person who is sitting in seat by dropping him into toxic water (GM_Bigcity) And mayby you can drown him. But im not sure…

You could check if the vehicle had been damaged, if it was you could damage the vehicles driver with the amount of damage it the vehicle took.