Invis wall needed.

Whats the point of having a huge map to explore when 75% of it has nothing in it but tress. I got lost in the middle of the night last night then ended up in BFE. It took me almost an hour or so to get back to the playable area. If there is no reason to go to some of those areas then add an invis wall so people don’t waste there time running around there.

People build out there so it’s harder for them to lose their stuff.

Also admins teleport out there to make arenas and stuff like that for their server to have small events at.
The server i’m admin on is thinking of making a 1v1/2v2 ladder and having an actual pvp tournament.

They plan to expand the game to those areas. It is still Alpha. In case you didn’t hear, it’s still in Alpha.
Also the game is still in Alpha.

I know its in Alpha but that doesn’t change a thing and is not a good reason for them to not simply implement an invis wall. I am fully aware that they will expand to that area as I am not a moron which you seem to assume. Intoxicated actually provide a useful response and has a good point to an extent however they could still cut down that area by half and still allow people the option to build in an are where they are less likely to lose their stuff. Also if its used by Server Admins for events cant the server Admin just teleport people out there for the events? This game is fun but spending an hour or 2 of my time just trying to get back to the spot that is the main area of the game is not fun.