Invisble + No-clip where is this game going(link with proof in the toic)

sup sup a buddy offme is a streamer called WornoutTV encounters this guy in rust WTF:S:S

Edit if you look closely you see him but is he damn flying there??

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, missed hacker report thread" - postal))

OP = little kid who doesn’t know that this is possible in every game ever made EVER.

any body can do this. seriously.

Youtuber/Streamer encounters hacker = Game is shit and It’s going to end.

The game has not even started. And again, most people already know this is possible, its literally possible in every game that exists, but whatevs.

Name one outside of Rust that people really care about.

Do I have to bring out my “this game is still in alpha, shit be broken” speech again so soon?