InvisGhost's Model Pack reupload, anyone?

Dunno whether anybody has it, but if they do, could they reupload it to please? The original was removed. I’d ask InvisGhost himself but I don’t think he has facepunch…?

It was took down because it was just stuff stolen from Mario’s Ragdolling Request thread.

Aaaah, okay, thanks.

np :slight_smile:

I have it, ill reupload in time

Why? I put a link to everything thats in it and more, what would be the point in uploading it again? Also if you do make sure to say they’re Mariokart64n’s rigged models… as they are. Whoever Invisighost is/was they didn’t make anything in that pack.

Part of that pack was partly my work too. (Sexy Grunty)

Wait, there was an Oblivion model in the pack that I can’t see in Mario’s release thread.

ok, didn’t know that, i’ll make sure to say if anyone else asks about this ^^

What’s it called?

It was a Dremora. At least I think I saw it in there, that was ages ago.

Nothing called that in the pack.

Hmm… what about ‘demon’?

Nope nothing in the pack has a “D” in it’s name.

Wow, really? Well then. Know anywhere else I can get Oblivion models?

I did a search for “Oblivion” in the releases section but alot of the model links are dead. There is this thread in the main section though that might be of use to you.

Whoa, awesome. Thanks again.

np :slight_smile: