Invisibility bug/glitch

We were playing with friend building house etc , and i was near workbench crafting shotgun ammo , when i finished crafting i desided go hunting and told my friend , cuople minutes later he told me why u are in home and not hunting , im was like whatt ??? So he saw me sitting near workbench while i was far away from house , i noted that i cant loot , can take any items from killed animals , then i came back home and i was invisible , my frind aways see me near workbench while i was hanging around , so we testet that another people cant see me too , i can kill any person and he cant see me , so its really big bug i dont know how i did it but this must be fixed , i was walking near strangers with full gear and i was able to kill them and they dont even saw me.

Yeah many people having this issue and may I warn you to be careful because I get the same thing and the only way to tell if its happening is if you try to loot something or someone tells you your not there. I had a crew of 15 guys we played in this server for over 3 weeks and the Admin of the server tried raiding us but we were winning and when he was the only one left I ran out with a shotgun and killed him and 2 secs. later he banned me so now I cant play with my friends, He said I hacked but what really happened is that Fucking Glitch and I didn’t realize it, My team saw him ban me and told him what happened and we offered to save his bag for him because it was not fair but he didn’t care and this is the 2nd server I have been banned and I DO NOT HACK!!!I wouldn’t even know where to begin to even hack. So this Bug That they say they are working on ??? But have yet to hear any news on it is slowly going to cut you off of every server because they think your hacking… I think this is the BIGGEST ISSUE They Have and need to address it. I’m scared to play in pvp because I don’t want people to think I’m a hack!

ive seen this happen to a couple others aswell… its realy weird

Just drop an item on the floor and it fixes it!

I think this happens when you minimize and and after some minutes maximize the game.

I remember some days ago there was suddenly a player in my base! I have 2 metal doors and after i pass the first one i check if someone run inside with me too. Than i go through the 2nd metal door to my lootroom. So i stand next to my loot and suddenly a player appeared in this room when i was afk.
Now i think that has something to do with this bug!