Invisible Counter Strike: Source Glock issue.

No matter what CSS swep pack I install or multiplayer server I am on, the model for the glock is always invisible and i get a bunch of errors in the command console. I verified the game cache for Gmod and CSS but it still does this. Every other CSS weapon works fine. Any help would be appreciated.

Desert Eagle working fine

Invisible Glock

Command console hitting critical mass after giving myself the Glock. I can’t decipher any of it.

v_pist_finger1.mdl is a custom model, so it’s not GMod. Try this one:

It’s very nice, but it broke all of my other weapons and made them invisible! I’ll just hold off on using CSS weps in Gmod.

What are you talking about? They work fine.

probably just me then

I have the invisible glock thing too and it says Error Vertex File for ‘weapons\v_pist_finger1.mdl’ checksum 34841434 should be -1088659977
so I want to know why to.

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I have all the textures to so that’s not it.