Invisible Custom Spray Problem

I have this spray that I created in my own in the photo editing software “Gimp”. Saved the file to jpeg and imported the spray in Garry’s Mod 10, as I join a single player game and attempted to spray my custom picture, it’s invisible even though I heard the spray sound.

I used a program named “VTFlib” that converts the picture file to .vtf, jpeg, .png, etc but as I tried to convert them all and use them in the game they are all the same thing! Please reply and help me soon.

Sprays do not work in single player.

^ This.

Also, the spray’s probably too big. It should be smaller than 120 KB to work nicely in MP.

I did not know that. I will attempt to spray my custom picture in MP.


My .vtf file is definitely under 120 KB as I check, its only 1 KB and I don’t know honestly how is it that small. But the rest of the files (.jpeg, .png, .bitmap) is higher then 120 KB, is there a way or some kind of program I can use to shorten the size of the files?

Have you reduced the resolution? And source games also take .tga formats (I think so at least)