Invisible Fire?

Hello. Me and a bunch of friends are all getting the same problem in Garry’s Mod. Fire is invisible. Its there, we can here it, but the particles dont work. Anyone else getting this?

Also for me, its not just the fire particles, blood and other particles don’t work for me too :confused:

I remember I had this problem a while back and I believe I fixed it by deleting the particles folder from Steam/Steamapps/Username/Garrysmod/Garrysmod and then right click garrysmod in your library, click properties then verify the integrity and it should work.

But before you delete the particles, make a backup of the folder on your desktop just in case it doesn’t work, you can just throw it back in without ruining more stuff.

Thanks man, solved my problem. Now i have to find out what particle is causing the issues!