Invisible hack / Bug... This is game breaking.

Randomly happens when all players are invisible, i assume it because of the rendering changes to players.

You literally cant do anything to stop them unless u re log, and u never know when it will happen again.

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Is everyone invisible or just one guy? Is he consistently invisible, like it’s something he’s done to make himself that way - or could it be a random bug?

So this same thing happened to me, I was invisible to one of my friends but the other could see me. Also, the one who couldn’t see me was able to push me even with the new player colliding update. It was really strange, he also couldn’t see my dead bodies or loot/hit them.

last night me and a friend where unable to see the corpses of anything one or the other killed or we both see them but in different locations.

I had a couple of complaints on my server last night, apparently after a tp some people get to be invisible? I don’t know much about it, but yeah it happened to us too…

From what i experienced, was it randomly happens there was no glitch, no black screen, nothing. Everything seemed normal just suddenly people poof. The guy in the video killed me, and after i spawned i stopped recording another invisible guy killed me with a rock.

So i assume once this glitch happens all people are invis.

When I was glitched out it was on an official server.