Invisible Hands and Random Particles Littering my Screen

In the Trouble in Terrorist Town game mode, every weapon except the AK47 has invisible hands and what appear to be pieces of glass scattered across the screen.
I have a custom model installed for the AK47, and that is the only weapon that can be customized for whatever reason.
People have told me to play and mount CSS, but I have done that and the glitch persists.

Here is a picture of my AK47:

And here is a picture of my M4:

This glitch is persistent across all servers that I visit.

If anyone can tell me how to fix my weapons by making my hands visible, and getting rid of those glass particles, that’d be great.

Have you tried disabling all your addons?

I uninstalled Garry’s Mod, unsubscribed from all my addons, and then reinstalled, yes.

Is it possible that doing that could have caused this?

It could be custom files overwriting your CS:S gun models or messing with the hand stuff. Try deleting your Garry’s Mod folder in steamapps/common, turn off Steam Cloud for Garry’s Mod (Properties), and then reinstall.

Thank you! That fixed it completely! I can see my hands and don’t have particles all over my screen!