Invisible Items

I recently installed Dismemberment mod 1.9 and sadly it didnt work.(i have the old version of gmod with no keep corposes button) but some how whenever i spawn thrusters, dynamite, or other things with tools they are invisible. Also the tool names and desc are messed up! help!

why are you on an old version of gmod?

My pc is low on memory so i can’t update gmod

Link to Steam Profile, System Specs (Use Speccy if you don’t know what they are)

how much memory do you have 512mb?

Pirate, report and pretend he never existed.

251 mb. also guys this fourm isnt about updating its about fixing my invisible items and messed up tools problem

Update THEN ask for fixes :smiley:
Turn down your settings so it will work. Bro, Ive played on a 7 year old computer with a shitty Gcard. you can do the same.

Give us a link to your steam profile page so that we can confirm that you own Garrysmod

You do realize he could just link us to some random other guys profile, right?

Seeing as there’s videos of warez versions of Minecraft on his channel, I doubt he’d be above pirating GMod as well.

K guys, i had to uninstall a few crap but i finally updated gmod. :smiley: Now HELP!