Invisible man.

Erm… have an informative I suppose…? Not much to comment on

Erm… have a dumb I suppose…?

YAY!! I got my wish.

I think people would have more to say about that shoop da whoop in the background.

Check mark.

haha, this is actually pretty funny

I like the concept/execution

It’s a little bland, lacks some lighting effects. Not much subject matter to comment on.

Thread music:

Isn’t that the slender man model just deflated hands and head?
And really wtf is with da Shoop Da Whoop man?

Can I use this as my avatar? Btw…Nice screenshot.

The invisible man looks pretty good. The Shoop-Da-Whoop guy made me think “Ha-what?” Which isn’t a bad thing.

So you react to criticism with trolling? You’re so cool and edgy