Invisible Model

Whenever I spawn my model ingame or view it in the model viewer, nothing appears. Here is my .qc file:

$modelname "Eef.mdl"
$body "Body" "Eef.smd"
$cdmaterials "models\Eef\"

$scale 75.0
$surfaceprop "flesh" 
$sequence "idle" "Eef" fps 30

$collisionmodel “Eef.smd”
	  $mass 60.0


You definitely should not be using the same .smd for your reference and for your idle animation. You should have exported at least two separate .smd files. The idle animation one will be under a kilobyte, while the reference .smd will be significantly larger. Also, I’d suggest commenting out (with //) the $scale line.

I used Autodesk 3ds Max to export my smd, so i’m not sure how i would export a second one.

The exporter you’re using should ask whether you want to export a reference or sequence .smd. If it doesn’t, I suggest you try using this one:

The reference .smd will be used in the $body and $collisionmodel lines, and the animation .smd will be used in the $sequence line.

Theres only one bone so it makes no difference. It only makes any diference if you’ve got a collision model for a ragdoll (don’t see why though). The Reference SMDs have the mesh and the bones and the Sequence SMDs have the bones and any movement of them, so if the bones arn’t moving you can use the Reference one happily ^^

Your problem will be the traditional first time porters problem which is this Look in the VMT files for your textures where it says “LightmappedGeneric” change it to “VertexlitGeneric” the textures will then show up ^^