Invisible model

Ive compiled my model with this qc code

$modelname server1.mdl
$cdmaterials models/teleport
$model cube "server1_ref.smd"
$sequence Idle "server1_idle.smd" fps 1
$surfaceprop "metall"
$collisionmodel "server1_phys.smd"


But when i spawn it its invisible and a right when i spawn it i see a error model that fades away.
What can be the problem?

I get no errors in the compiler
The colision model i fine couse i use smartsnap and can see the grid the same size as my model and when i aim at the spots on my model that is air im not hitting my model.

$surfaceprop “metall”

You dont spell metall with 2 “l”'s :eng101:

Ooo, well spotted

ops thanks will try


Still invisible.
Can it be the texture?
the texture is at “materials eleport eleport.vtf”


Can someone please look at this?
Its the 3ds max file with texture and smd’s

Please tell me what ive made wrong

If it’s in mat/tel then you ought to just have $cdmaterials teleport

Also I’d say you want a vertexlitgeneric in the vmt

Ive fixed it now.