Invisible model!

Help! My model is invisible in game, but it seems to compile fine.
It can be spawned, it creates a shadow, it has bulletholes when i shoot it, i can see the wireframe when i enable mat_wireframe, it has the collision box and it makes noises when it hits stuff. Its just invisible.

Here’s the .qc

$cd “F:/My Skins/ork weapons/bigchoppa1”
$modelname “orkweapons/bigchoppa1.mdl”
$scale 1
$model bigchoppa1 “bigchoppa1_ref.smd”
$surfaceprop weapon
$cdmaterials “models/orkweapons/”
$sequence idle “bigchoppa1_idle.smd” loops fps 15
$collisionmodel “bigchoppa1_phys.smd” { $concave }
base Metal.Large

I used this qc for two other models I made (ive only changed the names of the .smds) and they compiled fine.

Heres the .vmt too

“$basetexture” “models/ork/bigchoppa1”
“$surfaceprop” “Metal”
“$vertexalpha” 1

When i spawn it in gmod, i get thise error in the console: “Material [model location] does not support vertex format used by the mesh”
Whats wrong? D:

you shouldn’t have $vertexalpha 1 in your .vmt

removed it, still got the problem :c

oh sorry i didn’t read your post correctly.

in the .vmt, change

sorry, still no change

The case makes no difference…

Try reapplying the material in your modelling program, also if your VMT is in the folder it says the VTF is in it’s in the wrong place according to your QC.