Invisible models in both HLMV and in-game

I have been experiencing this problem a couple of times now that i try to recompile or compile models. I usually double check everything before i compile, tinker with the QC. file and run it with GUIStudioMDL. The compile process shows no errors, and seems to come out just fine. But when i open the model with HLMV, it just does not appear. It’s invisible. I decide to test it out in-game, where it also spawns invisible, with nothing in the icon either. Yet, i can lift the ragdoll, drag it around and throw it around as if it was there. Does anyone have any kind of solution to this? And no, it is not a VMT related problem, all the materials are present and the $cdmaterials row is as it’s supposed to be.

reexport sequnce and recompile to a new mdl
and change brushlitgeneric to vertexlitgenerci

You mean, remake the ragdoll.smd sequence file and recompile? That’s it? Going to try that now, hopefully it will work this time!

Edit: By god, it worked! Thanks a lot, Wraithcat!!