Invisible Models

I have recently reinstalled my Garry’s Mod and added files to my FastDL server also. Ever since I have reinstalled my Gmod certain models are not visible. People have also reported this bug.

Anyone else having this issue or know any way to sort it? (I think its something to do with FastDL)

Any console errors about it when people look at the model?

Well now you mention, everytime I join, it says its downloading the models and w_textures but it just does it again when I try to join again. I remember this happening on some other servers, where the content keeps re-downloading but never actually downloads. All the content is on both server and FastDL. Other resources have successfully downloaded.

The model path is probably wrong. Check to make sure it’s all legit. Adding on to that, have you tried restarting your server?

No, the model path was right… But I didn’t put in all the phy’s and dx’s and stuff… I let the mdl’s download them, but some of the w_'s were in caps so it was trying to download w_pot.phy when it was W_pot.phy. I renamed them all and its good now. Thanks for the quick replies, I had never encountered this problem before.

Can you tell your players to look through their console when they join to check for HTML or other errors?

I had a fresh install of Gmod and there are no errors whatsoever. (Sorry for long reply wait)