Invisible Neck Issue with model

Hello all,

First post and whatnot so lets get to the issue.
My issue is that a model I’m working on appears to have no neck when it’s imported to Garry’s Mod.

Screenshots from In-game:

Screenshots from Blender:

Now bare in mind that I have no knowledge of modelling, you will perhaps call me a moron for taking on such a task…
I just want to correct this neck issue so I can live free knowing that my Mandalorian Bounty Hunters have oesophagus’s.

Kind Regards


Try using a newer version of your compiler or use a different compiler. (I recommend using Crowbar)

If it still does not work, try UV unwrap it on the neck part. Look around the internet on how-to do it.

I use crowbar now to compile/decompiler, so I’ll try the UV unwrap.
Also I’ve noticed that the neck area is a different colour to the rest of the model, why is this?..

It’s just random. It will help the user navigate which materials each faces of the model’s reference use.

e.g. this model has only one material and therefor, it’s one colored

Correct me, if I am wrong.

Ah right, I see. Thank you for clearing that up.