Invisible/Odd Water

Well, I downloaded Gmod, got some cool Add-Ons, started it up, and everything was going pretty well. Pretty well, that is, until I saw the water. From above it looks like it has no reflection and only the blur filter. Then from beneath, it’s a blue tint in the distance.

After looking some things up, I found that changing the directx levels might fix some things and I tried it. DirectX 8.1 seemed to fix the problem, but it often crashes while loading levels and changing settings, plus it’s a little laggier than DX9.

If there are any known solutions, I would be glad to know.

Video Example:

This problem got fixed ages ago.

I am not using a pirated version. I bought it as a package deal with CSS.

I’ll suspend disbelief for a moment.
What are your specs? Are your graphics drivers up to date?

Now that you mention it, it’s most likely my horrid computer.

OS: Vista Basic, SP1
Processor: Intel Celeron M CPU 530 @1.73GHz
RAM: 2.50GB
System Type: 32bit
Display: Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family - v7.14.0010

From the last I checked, it was up to date.

There’s your issue.

Well, I figured so. I guess I’ll just have to get myself a better computer/graphics card. Thanks for at least listening.