Invisible Player Models

So I’ve been playing Garry’s Mod for a while now, and recently, out of nowhere (as in there was no update prior to this happening, and I didn’t mess with any files), players start turning invisible in-game. The player model itself will spazz out for a few seconds, looking 2 different directions really fast, and then some (usually not all) of the players in game will disappear. I will still be able to shoot them, see their name, etc. Typing record randomdemoname into console fixes temporarily, but having to do this every few minutes is a tad annoying. Also, this glitching out is usually followed by a random game crash. I have re-installed both CSS and gmod, but that has not seemed to help. This doesn’t appear to be happening to anybody else I know either. Any suggestions?

I am getting the same problem on all of the maps I play on, both single player and multiplayer.