Invisible playermodels and bugged props?

Hello guys,
like you can see in the video i made to report my problem, i have some graphical issues:

It also was running on dxlevel 8 but i forced it via -dxlevel 95 to run on it but i still have the issues…
Any help?


NAILED IT! it’s all fixed now! Just removed all the files and bam!

If you are playing on Windows 7+, do -dxlevel 110, start it up, then close it and remove the -dxlevel startup flag.

Also, follow this tutorial since it seems to be a problem with your CS:S content. Lastly, what graphics card do you have?

I’m playing on Windows 8 pro, but i had no problems earlier, i just reinstalled my whole pc and when i last played gmod (1 months ago?) i had no problems with it…
I have a AMD Radeon 6470M.
I’m going to try what u said.

EDIT: still not working… :confused:

I made a mistake, use -dxlevel 95 instead, and then remove it.

Still the same… :s


i’m still stuck with this problem!