invisible players

i dont know, if this is right section, but i didn’t know where to place it.

is there any way i can let my server show 25 invisble players?

I think you mean 25 fake clients? Pretend that your server has 25 players on it?

It uses some dll, I think AzuiSleet made one? Not sure though.

thanks, i could’t remember it, it was fake clients!!! THANKS dude :slight_smile:

It’s called rf_client. I hate that thing. It’s such a crummy way of tricking players to join, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

When ever I find a server that has fake clients I never join it again, just an FYI people don’t like it.


Pretty much, if a player joins your server with 25 “players” in it and there’s nobody there, they’d be very pissed.

The sad thing is that is tends to attract more players anyways and will actually make significant server activity. What may be nice is to have the rf_client working until there’s X amount of players in a server, and then it would turn off until it was back down to 0.

I use a script that will show a certain amount of fake clients based on how many players there are in the server. If there are 0, it shows 0, so no one joins a completely empty server.

local AmountToShow = 25
local WhenToTurnOff = 28 //number of players to turn the realfake off
local MaxPlayers = 32 //Server’s Max Players

timer.Create(“realfake”, 10, 0, function()
if #player.GetAll() > 0 then
local num = AmountToShow - #player.GetAll()
if #player.GetAll() > WhenToTurnOff then
num = 0
if num < 0 then
num = -1
if num + #player.GetAll() >= MaxPlayers then
num = num - 5
game.ConsoleCommand("rf_clients “…num…”

I recommend you use something like this to prevent your server from being TOO hated. I’d stay in a server with 1 or more people, but not if i joined an empty server.

I would always leave if the amount of players the server says it has doesn’t reflect that actual number.

I only use realfake clients for redirecting players from my old server to my new server. Just saying, better if you have a legit use for it. (My old server shows the playercount of the new server)