Invisible Props.... why.

I’m pretty new to gmod here. Recently, whenever I try to spawn a specific prop, it will be invisible. I can hear it drop and can move it with the phys gun. It can even collide with other things. The only problem is that I CAN’T FUCKING SEE IT. It was working fine earlier. I don’t think I changed anything, but when I started up Gmod today and tried to spawn it, it was invisible. Anyone know how to fix this? I’ve tried reinstalling the addon and I’ve searched through google a bit, but didn’t find anything.

Oops just saw the help and support forum. Sorry.

reinstall gmod?

check gpu drivers?

fuck with graphics settings?

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also we have a help & support forum

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and this is not it

It generally means that the model cannot find the allocated texture and spawns without it. This happens with custom models if you dont install them right. If they are not custom models, make sure the games you are spawning from are mounted on your gmod (with hl2 being first on gmod 13).
If this doesn’t work, verify the game files and if THAT doesnt work, reinstall.

Which model? I can’t mount hl:source because of the mount order, some props will be invisible beacuse it loads last.

Well, I found the mistake. It wasn’t screwy installing, it had to do with DirectX. I had to go to the console and type in “mat_dxlevel 90”. Not sure what exactly it did, but it works now. Thanks for the help anyway guys.

It changed the DirectX version to 9.0, I believe.

Which suggests you had either too low or too high a version set, somehow.