Invisible ragdolls

Hi, i have problem some of my ragdolls is invisible in menu and when i spawn it:

How to fix this?

Your ragdoll is missing it’s texture associations, or they aren’t available or not loading correctly. You’ll just have to find a working version of that ragdoll or try to reinstall it from another source. Just an issue with the specific ragdoll.

I noticed that only raggdols who have . in name is invisible (sweeti000.7.mdl, m.byson.mdl)

you can try renaming the model files and seeing if it fixes it, but depending on how complicated the textures are you may even need to hex-edit the files…good luck with that…

I hex edit bison and something is wrong

Known issue, you’ll have to wait for the update


Wait, maybe not. It spawned as an effect which means you did something wrong in the hexing process. Either way, even if you get it to work as a ragdoll you still won’t be able to use it. It will spawn like a T just like that. A known gmod issue.