Invisible Refugee Model

Hello, I’m having a problem using player models from HL2. Either I cannot find them or I did find them, but they are bugged. Namely the Refugee model, I’m looking for the path where the model of it is located. I think I have found it, but when I use it in-game, it is invisible, I can use it, I can play as it without errors, but neither I nor others can see it. Singleplayer refugees won’t show up either, I’m not sure if they are too invisible or don’t spawn at all. Then again, this may be because I have linked to wrong models. Would you tell me the correct path to the .mdl files? I will use that and then see if they are invisible too.

Perhaps the Refugee model doesn’t exist in GMod though despite having HL2 and both episodes, I have downloaded a custom model including the vanilla refugee model, but I can’t see it either.

SteamPipe is causing problems, at the moment. Let’s wait and hope this issue gets solved, my friend!