invisible stuff

Hello, rp_evocity_V2d doors and stuff are going invisible sometimes im getting this error CUtlLinkedList overflow! (exhausted index range) (65535)
together with alot of other people, anybody there knows how to fix it? on my server. Thanks.

If it’s happening with a lot of people it’s most likely a problem with the map itself

That error has to do with too many particle emitters being used. Don’t know what gamemode you’re using, but if it’s PERP, then that’s going to be a huge issue since it uses a lot of particle emitters for fire, smoke, etc.

I use DarKRP

Then again, it’s caused by too many particle emitters. I don’t know why the doors are invisible though.

This could be caused by many things, that is one of them… ever since one of the more recent Garry’s Mod updates this has been an issue, especially on the evocity maps. This will happen with or without Jetboom’s particle emitter fix.

It’s already been solved, you didn’t really have to bump this.

How are you sure it’s solved? I can recreate this without any particles and well using Jetboom’s fix.

The error is less common now and only in special cases.