Invisible Texture is Black

I am trying to make a texture invisible but it always seems to turn into a black square instead of being invisible. Can anyone help me fix this? I am making a 64 by 64 blank in photoshop and deleting everything so the background is alpha and saving it as a vtf with the plugin using the settings below.

.vtf settings

Format: BGRA8888
Mipmap Filter: Box
Sharpen Filter: Sharpen Soft
Mipmaps: Unchecked
Thumbnail: Unchecked

Point Sample
No Mipmap
No Level of Detail
Eight Bit Alpha


	"$basetexture" "invisible"
	"$translucent" 1
	"$alpha" 0
	"$nocull" 1
	"$nodecal" 1
	"$nolod" 1
	"$vertexalpha" 1
	"$vertexcolor" 1

Hmm… this is how I’ve gotten invisible textures. make a blank file in photoshop, delete the background so you see the checkers, save it as a .png or .tga, use VTF edit to open the .png, then save as a .vtf. You got the translucent set to 1, so is should work…if it doesn’t, I have no clue =/

In photoshop are you using an alpha layer or just erasing the background layer?

I am having the same troubles making the scope of the L4D2 G3 invisible. This confuzles and bedaffles me. And frustrates me too.