Invisible textures on my gmod RESKIN of a model, any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!

So, I’m working on a gmod model (It’s more of a reskin, the model itself isn’t mine) , and after I compile it, and go into gmod, spawn it in, everything’s invisible except for it’s eyes. I can move it about, and do whatever I want with it. I can see the bones. I just can’t see textures other than the eyes.
The upload’s here:

The vmt files have the same name as the vft files do, there were no errors when uploading or compiling, I just don’t get it.

The vmt code goes as follows:

“$basetexture” “C:\Users\User\Desktop

And then Joker_Head_D or Joker_Hair_D etc instead of Eye_D.

Please help. Thanks!

Your material files (.vmt) must contain paths local to the materials/ folder, not global path on your PC that will be different on someone else’s computer.

ew_52_joker_npcplayermodel _\materials\Eye_D > Eye_D