invisible trees?

Played with a couple of friends yesterday who kept asking why there was no trees, I could see trees so suspected something wrong at their end, until I started building and kept getting stuck at the same place, until I decided to pull out the hatchet and started wacking at the air, just to see that I was actually hitting an invisible tree, I then decided to run around the area and found several other places where an invisible tree was standing, though not as bad as some of friends where no tree was present at all.

Then today I started moving out to explore the map, just to see those poles along the road was missing, just the power lines was still there.

Others who have experienced any of this?

and it is better then invisible animals…

can confirm that issue, found some invisible trees on my server

There were some invisible power boxes near power lines/roads for awhile not sure if those got fixed, they made the metal sound when hitting them so pretty sure that’s what they are.