Inviting Coders to write a new gamemode

Hi all. About half year ago, I have had a very good idea about new gamemode. After that, next half year i was thinking about it, improving it, and finaly create svn link and about 240 kb of code. Now i know that it will be very hard to write to 1 person, (gmod 11 will be out sooner) and now Inviting some lua coders to complete it. So if you are really interested, and want to see the discription - add me on steam (artefom).
In brief i can say that it will be a new advanced verision of rp, there will be 2 currencies, so its gonna be as serious as Chuck Noris, and at the moment, it will be very simple. (its like wire mod, pro’s are very glad to play with it, but it dont hinders mings).

Bro there is no GMod 11 and never will be (assuming you mean by Garry).

Ideas guy

Thank-you and goodnight.