Invsible model.

So I recently made a skin. But its invisible im not sure why if anyone could fix this it would be nice

The skin itself if it will help…

Er… no vmt files? Did you not have them in the first place or just forget to add them to the d/l?

I didn’t have the .vmt :C

Do you know how to add them?


Okay I added a .vmt but its still invisible. I think it may have something to do with the .Mdls and such,

Change the top of the vmt to VertexLitGeneric.

It already is.

Let’s see your vmt, then

    // Original shader: VertexLitTexture
    "$basetexture" "models/Humans/Male/HalfLambada/HalfLambadasheet"
    "$halflambert" 1

Are you sure you specified right material path in .qc ?